Intelligent plug & play flight assistance for multicopters

The perfect sensor solution for any application!

For the best results it is important to use the ideal sensing technology which fits the typical obstacles in your application! Each sensing technology comes with characteristic advantages and disadvantages so that different sensor solutions are optimal for different applications. This is why we offer you a set of various sensor solutions for your individual usage!

Security through intelligence

Our intelligent systems for collision avoidance detect obstacles in the environment of the drone, calculate control values to avoid collisions and actively control the distance to detected obstacles. This supports the pilot for more safety in complex missions and reduces flight time and costs!

Your advantages at a glance:


Intelligent flight assistance systems help you to master your missions without crashes!

Time Efficiency

With active distance control you safe time while flying near the best spots for the best pictures.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the costs for repairs and maintenance together with expences for pilots through flight time reduction.

Optimized Results

Thanks to intelligent flight assistance systems you are able to focus on individual tasks for inspection and maintenance.

Intelligent Automation

Profit from the possibilities of autonomous drones and optimize your processes in business and industries.

Solutions for complex applications

With intelligent sensor technology and assisting functionality you will master the missions which seem too risky for you today!

Safe time and money with collision avoidance and distance control!

Pilot costs per hour [€]

Missions per year

Time per mission [h]

Obstacle blocking [%]

Collision risk without CAA [%]

System costs [€]

Calculate cost saving per year

Leave a message so that we can find the optimal solution for collision avoidance and distance control for your individual application!

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