New release QCS v.5 – Q1/22

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Through an extensively revised version, Emqopter offers its customers a significantly expanded and improved scope of services with the new QCS v.5 system by Q1/22. In detail, the innovations include the following:

    1) Improved handling through only one hinge (it is no longer necessary to switch between 2DOF and 3DOF hinge or to rebuild the Qopter, thanks to new innovative mechanics a simple handle is sufficient to switch between all three degrees of freedom / axes).

    2) Contemporary, shapely and stable stand

    3) Completely new, revised design (CNC boards, instead of milled CFRP / GFRP parts)

    4) New motor, rotor and electronic speed controller set up is significantly more powerful (longer flight time with flight module) and also much quieter

    5) Co-processor STM32 via I2C, more PWM connections (more power and more connections)

    6) New QM board with IMU, SBUS switch, LEDs, four-layer (faster, more powerful)

    7) Mavlink (more opportunities in software development, popular communication protocol for everyone who is working with the system)

    8) USB stick instead of CDs

Interested? - Feel free to contact us anytime via our contact form to get more information about the Quadrotor Control System or to arrange your personal web demo right away. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

In a virtual webdemo Marvin Bihl (General Manager fin.) can show you the possible applications of the system - Please feel free to contact us with your appointment request!

With its elegant design, the new Quadrotor Control System fits well into any workplace

Dr. Nils Gageik (General Manager tech.) presents the new version of the QCS and the associated EMQ3000 developer board

Locking plates allow the new ball-bearing joint to be fixed in various degrees of freedom on the three axes

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