New invention disclosed!

Patent applicationDelivery DroneDrone Port

In association with our drone port, our latest invention for the automated loading and unloading instruction for delivery drones has now been disclosed. As the central hub of the Drone Port, it enables the interaction between the drone, the robot and the conveyor belt.

After the drone arrives, the robot automatically receives instructions from the central unit to approach the drone and load or unload it. At the same time, the conveyor belt, which represents the interface to the inside of the building, is instructed to load or unload the freight. In this way, the transported goods can ultimately be transferred into or out of the building - all without the need for human intervention.

With the disclosure of the patent application, another step has been taken toward the future of logistics. The first demonstrator for the Drone Port will be installed on top of a building in Volkach am Main next year, which will offer Emqopter excellent opportunities for testing the technology and projects with pilot customers.

Dr. Nils Gageik (General Manager tech.) has already made a large number of inventions in the field of aerial robotics

The drawing depicts the concept of the innovative Drone Port

The first complete demonstrator of the system has already been presented at several trade shows this year

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