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Quadrotor Control System

Your solution for versatile and application-oriented teaching in Computer Science, Robotics, Mechatronics, Control Technology and much more.

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What our customers say

"Very good teaching system QCS, very competent partners! The cooperation with EmQopter was always good and successful. Management and employees are very attentive and friendly, very customer-oriented." (translated from german) - Prof. Mohieddine Jelali, Control Technology and Mechatronics, TC Cologne

"We have been using the QCS in teaching for several years and are always pleased how motivated the students are to deal with the diverse topics and consistently practice-relevant tasks." (translated from german) - Prof. Arndt Balzer, Application-oriented Computer Science, College for Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

"I have never seen solutions being worked on for so long and with such great motivation in the workplace!" - Prof. Arno Fischer, Computer Science, SRH School of Technology Berlin

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Your Effortless Entry into Drone Programming

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Get your QCS in the air from the lab

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For more performance - the professional equipment

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Complete Package "STARTER"

The Starter Package contains everything you need to start programming the multicopter in C and the ground station in C++, including the entry-level framework EMQ-Play. EMQ-Play is a parameterization framework that does not require any programming knowledge. Your complete "STARTER" Package includes:



Teaching Materials & Documentation


  • QCS Qopter with safety ring made of EEP (62cm x 62cm)
  • 3DOF-joints and stand
  • "EMQ 3000" AVR32 UC3A0512 development board
  • Software with programming templates, tasks, sample code, libraries, development environment and all necessary drivers
  • Teaching materials with tasks, theory and practical tips as well as extensive documentation
  • Necessary cables: USB programming cable, I2C communication cable, power cable
  • High-current power supply (20A) to operate the QCS-Qopter

Complete Package "FLIGHT"

Ready for take off? The complete Flight Package contains everything to make the QCS fly. It goes without saying that all components of the “STARTER” Complete Package are also included. In addition, the Flight Package has ready for you:

Remote control

Lithium polymer battery

Landing gear


  • Basic Package „STARTER“
  • Additionally included:

  • Remote Control & Receiver Unit
  • On-Board 32bit MCU
  • 3S 3000mAh Lithium polymer battery
  • Battery mount
  • Landing gear
  • TM/TC module for connecting your PC to the QCS via Bluetooth

Complete Package "PREMIUM"

The professional QCS bundle! The complete Premium Package offers you more power and a higher payload and is therefore ideal for use in the field (indoor). Another Remote Control as a fallback variant also offers more safety in development. Your premium version includes:

Stronger motors

More efficient propellers

Larger frame


  • Basic Package „FLIGHT“
  • Additionally included:

  • Frame Upgrade
  • Motor Upgrade Pro
  • Propeller Upgrade Pro for optimal efficiency
Expand your QCS Package with individual add-ons

In order to make working on the system even more diverse and tailor-made, we offer a large number of add-ons for the complete packages. For the best possible start, you will receive the appropriate driver software for integration into the QCS as well as example implementations for support with each module.

Select accessories



Motor Upgrade

More power for higher payloads

Cover with your logo

The personalized cover for your QCS

Frame Pro

For even more security and stability

Companion PC with Intel® Core™ i7-10710U

Individual RAM (up to 64GB) and M.2 SSD configuration. Dual band WiFi & Bluetooth 4.2, 6x USB 3.2 Gen2, RS232, LAN and HDMI

QCS Showcase

Maximum safety during development


Personalized case-labeling with logo

TM/TC Module

Real-time communication via Bluetooth

Additional RC

Second remote control for simultaneous control

GPS Module

Position determination for outdoor missions

Modules for determination of horizontal movement

Optical flow Basic

Simple 2D detection of the movement of QCS-F

Optical flow Pro

Robust 4D detection of the movement of QCS-F

Modules for object recognition

Object recognition

Frontal camera for object recognition

Object recognition Pro

Swiveling camera for object recognition

Module for determining the flight altitude

Height Sensors

Barometer, infrared, ultrasound
for flight height determination

Height Sensors Plus

Laser, barometer and ultrasound
for flight height determination

Modules for video transmission

Videolink Basic

Frontal camera with analog video transmission

Videolink Plus

Videolink Basic with swiveling camera

Videolink Pro

Swiveling camera with digital video transmission

Modules for obstacle detection

Obstacle detection US

Module with three ultrasound distance sensors

Obstacle detection US12

Four modules with three ultrasound distance sensors each

Obstacle detection IRM

Sensor module with eight 1,5m infrared distance sensors

Obstacle detection IRL

Sensor module with eight 5m infrared distance sensors

Obstacle detection LA2

Sensor module with two 40m laser distance sensors

Obstacle detection LA8

Sensor module with eight 40m laser distance sensors

Obstacle detection US-IRL

Eight 5m infrared and 12 ultrasound distance sensors

Obstacle detection US-IRM

Eight 1,5m infrared and 12 ultrasound distance sensors

Obstacle detection US-LA

Eight 40m laser and 12 ultrasound distance sensors

Obstacle detection RS

3D ToF Intel® RealSense™ obstacle detection

Obstacle detection PMD

3D ToF PMD obstacle detection

Obstacle detection SV

Stereo optical obstacle detection

Benefit from more than 12 years of experience in teaching and research! Our QCS is now in its fifth generation! Convince yourself and get to know our v5! Arrange a free and non-binding online demo now!

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