Emqopter receives ZIM funding for market launch.

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Will the Delivery Drone soon be allowed to be operated permission-free in the EU?

For the certification required in the "Open Category", Emqopter has been awarded funding for activities for market launch by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH as project management organisation of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action following the successfully completed SupervisorPilot project.

After successful certification, the delivery drone may be operated in the EU, subject to compliance with certain conditions, without the need for an additional operating permission.

As part of the project, Emqopter developed an interface to integrate the in-house autopilot EMQ and the Collision Avoidance Assistance (CAA) as well as the flight control NAZA of the drone manufacturer DJI into the SupervisorPilot.

Certification eliminates the need for approval of the operation permit in the "Specific Category"

Technology testing drone from the SvP project with the SvP hardware and two flight controllers

The funding notice of the Central Innovation Programme

Technology testing drone in flight during tests in the flight laboratory

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